Eugene Ch'ng

Associate editor for MIT Press’ Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments, the world’s oldest and foremost journal for Virtual Reality research, Director of the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, NVIDIA Technology Centre at the University of Nottingham’ s China campus.

他曾两次受邀参加英国皇家学会,是2017年英国皇家学会Theo Murphy科学论坛的组织者和发言人。他的研究方向为前沿混合现实技术的发展与应用,数字文化与遗产,使用数据和视觉分析进行社交媒体研究。他曾在一项名为“Lost Frontiers”的高等研究计划中负责综合系统建模技术。同时,他还是一名艺术家以及合气道教练。

Prof. Ch'ng has been invited twice to present his research at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and was an organiser and speaker at the 2017 Royal Society Theo Murphy Scientific Meeting. His current research is in the development and application of cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology, and digital culture and heritage. He leads the complex systems modelling of the ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Research Grant’s “Lost Frontiers” project. He is also an artist, and the head instructor of Ningbo’s first Aikido dojo.